360 Spherical Camera

OpenSource360Cam0.2 360 Spherical Camera
360 Spherical Camera

Build your own 360 Spherical Camera

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The entrance of consumer grade and professional 360 spherical cameras to the market will change the way people capture and interact with digital images and video. While 360 spherical cameras like the Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360 and Facebook Surround 360 will meet consumer and professional needs, no platform is available to the maker, hacker, educator, or developer.
This goal of this project is to develop a hardware kit that is open, hackable, adaptable, and extensible to open this incredible technology to everyone.

Street view photosphere demo (click to view in street view)

360 Spherical Camera Photosphere
Photosphere from V.02 360 camera prototype

The key principles of this project are as follows:

  • Use as much off the shelf components as possible
  • Use simple mechanical mounting that can be assembled without any specialized tools or equipment
  • Compatible with mobile computing platforms such as Raspberry Pi or similar
  • Cost to be similar to a consumer level 360 cameras such as Ricoh Theta ($250-$350)
  • At least still capture capable
  • To enable portable imaging, we have developed and tested the cameras on a Raspberry Pi 2 B utilizing OpenCV libraries to control and capture images from the cameras. The USB 2.0 cameras from ELP that we selected us the Sonix SN9C292Avideo controller with USB Video Class compatibility.

If there is enough interest in this project, we will consider organizing a bulk buy of the kit parts to save on shipping costs Please log your interest on the Gitter chat.

Camera Specifications Full 360 Version:

  • FOV 220 degrees per camera (Verified through optical measurements that between 206 and 212 degrees fits within full active area 1452 pixels)
  • Resolution 2 x 5MP
  • Board spacing 15mm
  • Image sensor OnSemi MI5100/MT9P10001
  • Frame rate 15 fps full5 MP, 30 fps 1920×1080 Hd

360 Spherical Camera

All design files and code can be found on our GitHub Repository



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