Field test 1


360 Spherical Camera


360 Camera Field test setup


This was the first field test of the V0.2 prototype 360 Spherical Camera. The first, 2 camera images where captured using the 180 degree stock lens that shipped with the camera. Then one was replaced with the 220 DS13F117M12 from DayOptics for comparison.

  • Images captured at full resolution (2592×1944)
  • Focus not optimized (I plan to makes some code for focusing in the field)
  • Images captured using this code

When viewed at full resolution, you can make out the limitations of this lens:

  • Quite a lot of flair
  • Marginal edge performance

Image from camera 0

360 Spherical camera image

Click for full size image

Image from camera 1

360 Spherical camera image

Click for full size image

Test image using  220 degree 1.17mm fl lens PN: DS13F117M12 from DayOptics

This lens does not have an IR filter, the white balance on the chip was not adjusted and thus the image color is wrong. This lens also has some lens flair, may be worse when the sun is right at the edge of the field of view.

220 degree spherical camera image

Click for full size image

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