Field testing 2


First spherical panoramas captured using the 360 Camera

  • This was created using 2 images captured with a 180 degree rotation (I only have 1 of the 220 degree lenses currently)
  • Created with the free version of PTGui
  • Can be viewed using PTview, google street view app or other 360 spherical viewers
  • Taken with the LS-40180 fisheye (lower quality, but has an IR filter so color is correct) 360 Spherical Image

View on Google Stree View or download full image here:

  • Taken with the 1.17mm 220 degree lens DS13F117M12 from Day Optics
  • Camera white balance is off due to no IR filte on lens

360 Spherical ImageDownload full size image here:

Raw input images

360 Spherical Image

360 Spherical Image

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